Advanced Classes

The goal of these classes is to penetrate deeper into the spirit and philosophy of thai massage while strengthening individual skills. These incredible classes are for the serious student seeking to understand the ‘whys’ of thai massage and explore deeper layers within their practice. Suitable for thai therapists trained in any of the major styles who have completed Levels I & II (Front, Side, Back, Sitting Positions) with ITM or similar and are comfortable performing a 90 minute floor session. Learn to develop specific treatment plans for different clients.

LEVEL III: Sen Therapies

Look for 2-day or 7-day Sen Therapy classes to understand the 10 major Sen energy lines, the energetic philosophy behind the movements, new one-hour treatment routines addressing each Sen, new stretches, and real life therapeutic case studies. These classes will uncover the confusion around sen lines and help you compare them to other disciplines, such as meridians, nadis, and fascial planes. Expect a deep shift in your practice.

Level IV: Pressure Point Therapies

Pressure Point Therapy classes are also taught in 1- or 2- or 7- day formats. These classes present therapeutic acupressure point treatments to treat pain associated with the back, shoulders, knees or headaches, learning about 100 specific pressure points, as well as new stretches that address problem areas. Great for the therapist who likes to give a deeper point-specific treatment.

Day of More Moves

These classes are best for therapists already familiar with a basic thai massage routine. We focus on a variety of great new stretches and techniques from advanced protocols and variations from different styles of thai massage to expand and invigorate your practice. Emphasis is on good body mechanics and adaptations to use with different clients. You will spend the day exploring fantastic techniques with other experienced therapists and come away refreshed and renewed in your practice.