Finding the Right Class for You


ITM-USA offers lots of different classes, and it can sometimes be confusing figuring out which ones best suit you. This information will help, or look under the Classes Pages for more details.

Are you looking to become Certified in Thai Massage? 

There is much confusion around the certification process because there is no official certification body for thai massage, although different groups (such as the Thai Healing Alliance International) set certain voluntary standards. In practice, each thai massage school determines it's own requirements for 'certification'. If you complete a comprehensive course from a legitimate school and receive a Certificate, you are considered certified. The industry standard is to be able to perform a 90 minute floor session using at least three of the four positions. That's Level I&II with ITM. We offer classes in lots of different formats so you can find the best fit for you.

Are you curious about Thai Massage and want to try a class to see what you think?  

Then check out the Beginning classes. These include one day and two day classes, table thai classes, and half-day couples classes. Depending on where these classes are held and hosted, they also tend to have the greatest variety of attendees, often including massage therapists, yoga teachers, yoga students, lay people, physical therapists, personal trainers,  athletes, and everyday folks wanting to learn some moves to enrich themselves or their friends or clients.

Are you committed to learning thai massage and want to take a comprehensive program?

Any of the Intermediate classes are for you. You can start with Beginning classes if you prefer to move into the work slowly.

Need massage CEs?  

All of our classes are approved by NCBTMB for CEs. If you're new to thai massage, go for the Beginning classes. You can choose from a variety of class hours and locations.

Are you a yoga teacher wanting to learn some moves to do in class? 

We love yoga teachers. The Beginning classes are a good fit for you; just be sure it's not a class taught only on the table. You might also want to jump into a comprehensive routine like what's offered in the Intermediate classes.

Do you want to do thai massage on the table?  

We can show you how to adapt thai massage to a massage table, saving your hands and giving you new skills your clients will love. We have classes that teach table and floor techniques together (good if you want to focus on the table but maybe try a few moves on the floor), and classes that teach only for the table. See the choices in Beginning classes.

Curious about thai herbal compresses and want to learn more about the medicinal qualities of plants?  

Look under Herbal classes. We offer one or two day classes exploring the use of herbs within thai medicine, teaching healing properties of different thai herbs, and making compresses which are steamed and used warm during a massage. These classes are also great for anyone who wants to learn ways to use herbs for their personal practice and life at home.

Know some thai massage and want to learn more? 

The Intermediate classes are for you. You can spend a week learning a comprehensive routine, or a day or two on just one position, or a playful day exploring new moves. We offer lots of ways to expand your practice.

Already skilled in a thai massage routine and want to explore it more?  

You're who the Advanced classes are geared toward. We offer lots of advanced classes that will guide you into more skillful touch and better use of your body, understanding the energy of Sen lines and Pressure Points, show you variations on moves you're already doing, teach you new techniques, expand your knowledge, and deeply enrich your personal connection to the work. You'll give and get wonderful bodywork from other experienced therapists in a respectful, supportive, kind setting. We love guiding thai massage therapists trained in any style or from any teacher into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty of thai massage.

Don't do so well in a class setting? Prefer something small and private? 

You can study privately with Rose to really fine-tune and accelerate your work. Any class can be done in a private 1:1 or 1:2 format at her home office in Ocean City, NJ. You still get CEs, class dates and times can be set to fit your schedule, and you can bring a friend to take the class with you to reduce the costs. She's taught beginning and experienced therapists from every lineage of thai massage and finds ways to help each of them deepen their practice. Contact her at if you're interested in private training.

Classes are approved for continuing education credits (CEs) for massage therapists by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (# 152830), and by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). ITM is also an approved institution with THAI (#1064), the Thai Healing Alliance International.