How is Thai Massage different from 'regular' massage.....almost totally. It is traditionally performed on a mat situated on the floor in order to achieve maximum benefit from weight, leverage, balance, and gravity. The client remains dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. Gentle pressure and compression are used to 'move the lom along the sen', stimulate internal organs, relax tense muscles, lengthen and soften fascia, and calm the nervous system. Passive stretching adjusts the skeletal structure, increases flexibility, and restores movement. It is often compared to a dance in which the bodies of practitioner and client merge in continuing movement.

Thai massage is ideal for those desiring deep relaxation, release from stress, and maximum flexibility as well as those seeking to increase their level of health, well-being, and vitality. It calms the mind. Its many therapeutic benefits are appropriate for both the young and the elderly. Thai massage recognizes the unity of the whole being. Treatment is comprehensive and maximizes the body's potential. This is an ancient art with origins extending back in history, yet it addresses the ills of present-day society.


Benefits Include: 

  • increased range of motion and flexibility
  • increased blood and lymphatic circulation
  •  softened fascia (connective tissue) 
  • reduced adhesions
  • reduced joint pain and restriction
  • stimulated digestion
  • calmer mind and emotions
  • deeper rest and relaxation

Who is Thai Massage For?

 Thai massage is beneficial to an extraordinarily wide range of people. Because of its effectiveness in inducing deep rest and relaxation, it is beneficial to anyone in need of stress reduction or with stress related disorders. With its unique use of stretching movements, it is useful for everyone who would benefit from increased flexibility. This includes almost everyone., from the athlete to the elderly. Its emphasis on peripheral stimulation through pressure points make it useful in the alleviation of organic disorders. The combination of these attributes place thai massage in a unique position as a healing therapy.

Just as no two people respond to any stimulus in precisely the same way, people will vary in their response to thai massage. A person who is relaxed, and receptive to a new experience, will especially benefit. One who is more tense, rigid, or fearful, will still benefit, but to a lesser degree. Some will find that a single treatment can radically alter their perception of their own body, and therefore their sense of Self, while others will require a longer time to achieve the same physical and emotional result.