Teacher Training

Rose developed and has been leading thai massage teacher training courses for over 15 years. The emphasis here is on learning how to effectively teach this beautiful bodywork while developing your personal teaching goals and strengths. We assume you know how to give a great thai massage, now learn how to teach a great class. This is a comprehensive 2-3 week program to personally explore successful teaching skills to reach a variety of students in a mix of settings, with support from one of the most experienced teachers in the country. 

You must have completed advanced thai massage training, with ITM or similar. Contact the instructor to make sure you have the prerequisites needed for this class.

Part 1- teacher preparation, one week 

Part 2-assist in Level I class, one week 

Part-2, assist in Level II class, one week 

Part 1 must be taken first, to be followed by at least one week in Part 2, which can be taken immediately after Part 1 or within 6 months in another Level 1 or 2 class if pre-arranged with the instructor.

Part 1 is a wonderfully expansive week of learning how to teach bodywork while deepening our understanding of ourselves. Class work consists of learning and practicing different teaching methods, recognizing learning styles, strengthening communication and conflict resolution techniques, developing lessons plans, creating successful workshops, defining personal teaching objectives, refining thai massage techniques, and practicing teaching within the group’s supportive but honest and challenging atmosphere. Many students have stated this is the most personally rewarding class they have ever taken.

Part 2 focuses on the practical application of the material learned in Part 1, by observing and assisting in a Level I & II workshop. Based on their skills and abilities, students can assist with lectures, demonstrations, supervised practice, lesson plans, and more, all with the support and feedback of the lead instructor and fellow teachers in training.