Praise for Rose J. Griscom

Practitioner and teacher for over twenty years, Rose connects with her students in a personal and meaningful way that facilitates learning best for each of them, even in a class setting.

“The class and your approach were just what I needed. I felt rejuvenated in my massage practice and refreshed in spirit.”
— Suzanne S., Massage Therapist, Level I & II Class

"I enjoyed our teacher. She was knowledgeable in both eastern and western styles. She knows anatomy, yet reveres and respects the spiritual and energy aspect of Thai massage.”

-Tanya M.,Cortiva-Somerset School of Massage, Intro to Thai

“Thank you so much for all your attention to detail. Your patience and professionalism really inspired us to stay grounded and connected to the task ... Learning with them is additionally as much as a privilege as learning from you.”
— Shane P., Massage Therapist, Canyon Ranch Tucson
“I started with Rose with no experience at all and immediately felt comfortable. She inspired me to take as many courses as possible with her.”
— Samantha F., Thai Bodyworker

“Rose is wonderful and professional. Her love of her work shows and is infectious.”

-Franklin S., Thai Therapist, Teacher Training

“Rose gave the best course I’ve taken through massage.”
— Margaret L., Massage Therapist, Cortiva-PA School of Massage, Herbal Compress Class
“Great instructor. Great facility. Excellent equipment. Class act!”
— Ed D., Cortiva-Somerset School of Massage

Sue T., Massage Arts Center-

"I like that Rose is aware of everyone individually and how to best help them learn."

Student, Gentle Healing School of Massage-

"The best part of this class was Rose’s ability to teach us new info at such a wonderful pace. You can tell that she was an experienced teacher! She was Excellent! Loved this class."

“You create a truly safe environment. Being with a group of such dedicated practitioners and being able to exchange ideas is something that most of us need in order to grow.”
— Christine K., Thai Therapist

"I'm going to give you all the money I have in my wallet!" - Lynn, a satisfied thai massage client

“Rose was a wonderful and generous teacher.” Neisi, massage therapist, 2018

“Rose was down to earth and professional. I felt very comfortable learning from her.” Gia C., massage therapist

“Rose is amazing! Loved, loved, loved this class. Definite Game Changer.” Ellen, massage therapist, Thai Herbal Compress class at Body in Mind Massage Institute