Thai Herbal Compress Class

A Day With Thai Herbs

Learn about the traditional herbs used in thai herbal packs, and spend a day applying them. Class includes one herb pack to make and take home. The herbal packs are wonderful used during a traditional thai massage, or as an added bonus with a 'regular' massage, being placed on specific parts of the body that need special attention. We will spend the day discussing the traditional healing properties of each herb, prepare them for the compresses, wrap them in a cotton cloth, tie it into a compress bundle, moisten them with steam, and then do a short massage with the compresses applied over clothing. You'll also learn great ways to use these traditional medicinal herbs in your personal home life.

ITM uses a powerful combination of over 20 herbs and flowers that are sent to us directly from Thailand, with local herbs added as the seasons allow. Some of the herbs and flowers include lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger, tumeric, camphor, lavender, sage, honeysuckle, and orchid.

A Taste of Thai Massage With Herbal Compresses

Enjoy two days learning thai massage (on the floor or table) and adding the use of warm herbal compress packs. Start with the basics of thai stretching and compression, working the lower and upper body from supine and prone positions, learning to use your body with minimal effort for maximum results. Then explore the healing qualities of herbs used in traditional thai medicine. Smell, see, touch, and prepare fresh and dried herbs into a cloth poultice for steaming. Then apply the warm compress during your thai massage. The Herbal Compresses are also great as an add-on to Swedish massage, and to increase your knowledge of healing herbs to be used in your personal daily life. Class includes a comprehensive textbook and one pack you make in class to take home and use again. Additional packs and loose herbs available for purchase.