General Information

  • What is thai massage? 
    • Thai Massage is part of Traditional Thai Medicine, using assisted stretches with compression to therapeutically affect the whole body. See more here.
  • How is thai massage different from 'regular' massage? 
    What most people mean by 'regular' massage is Swedish massage, done with the client lying on a raised massage table, unclothed and properly draped, as the therapist focuses on working the muscles, using a lubricant (such as lotion or massage cream) to allow for a variety of gliding movements across the skin. In contrast, in traditional thai massage, the client remains comfortably clothed, lyes on a cushioned mat on the floor, lubricant is not used, and the therapist focuses on muscles, fascia, joints and sen lines with pressure and range of motion. The underlying medical theory is also different. See more here.
  • Isn't thai massage just like yoga?  
    • While there are similarities to yoga, thai massage involves much more! You're getting a massage based on an ancient and comprehensive view of how the body works, while being moved through a variety of stretches, allowing your heart and mind and body to deeply open and relax. Really. It's better than doing yoga on your own.
  • Who are Rose's teachers? 
    • Primarily, Arthur Lambert and Chongkol Setthakorn (Old Medicine Hospital and ITM). Go here to see who they are. Also Gregory Oed for reusi dat ton, and Pierce Salguero for thai and buddhist medicine history, along with other teachers for different aspects of thai massage. 
  • How do I become Certified in thai massage?  
    • There is much confusion around this because there is no official certification body for thai massage, although different groups (such as the Thai Healing Alliance International) set certain voluntary standards. In practice, each thai massage school determines it's own requirements for 'certification'. If you complete a comprehensive course from a legitimate school and receive a Certificate, you are considered certified. The industry standard is to be able to perform a 90 minute floor session using at least three of the four positions. That's Level I&II with ITM. 
  • Why should I study with ITM-USA?  
    • We've been teaching thai massage a long time (20+ years), are affiliated with a respected school in Thailand, create a kind and supportive atmosphere, and love the work. See How We Teach or What People Say for more reasons.
  • What is the Thai Healing Alliance International?  
    • A non-partisan voluntary international organization promoting standards for thai massage therapists and teachers along with educational and community support. Check them out here.
  • Can you come teach a class near me or at my school/studio/spa?  
    • Sure! Rose loves to travel and teach. If you're serious about hosting a class, send her an email (use the form at the bottom of this page) with some details (where, when, what kind of class, how many people) and she'll get back to you to discuss it.
  • Do I have to be a massage therapist to do thai massage?  
    • Depends on where you live. Most, but not all, states require a 'regular' massage therapy license before you charge anyone money to do thai massage. If you live in the US, reach out to your local massage organization (try AMTA or AOBTA) or state Board of Health, or google 'massage laws in XYZ state'.
  • I'm planning to go to Thailand. Any advice?  
    • Yes, go. Be safe, travel smart, but go. There are a number of good schools in Chiang Mai for English-speaking westerners to learn thai massage (such as ITM). You can go solo or with a group. Do some research, and if you have specific questions email (see the form below) or facebook message Rose and we'll try to give you input.
  • Do you sell support products?  
    • Yes! Books, DVDs, mats, herbal packs, singing bowls, and a few other odds and ends. We are a small business and our focus is on teaching so we sometimes run out of stock, but if you see it on our Store, it should be available.
  • I'm interested in the Om Namo chant. Do you have it available? Yes, you can read it here or listen to an audio version at the bottom of our Thai Massage page.


  • How do I register for a class?  
    • See the Calendar for each class's specific information, such as dates, times, location, and a link to registration. If the class you want is hosted by us, you can register directly through our secure Store. If it is hosted by someone else (like a yoga studio or massage school) the Registration link on the Calendar page will link you up. 
  • Which class should I take?  
  • What should I bring to class?  
    • Sometimes a massage table or floor mat or linens. See the specific details for the class you want on the Calendar page. 
  • How should I prepare for class?  
  • Do I need to bring a massage table?  
    • Sometimes. See the specific details for the class you want on the Calendar page. 
  • Are floor mats provided?  
    • Sometimes. See the specific details for the class you want on the Calendar page. 
  • Is a textbook included in class?  
    • Yes, a detailed and illustrated text is included. For particularly short classes (like 3 or 5 hours) it might be more of a handout than a textbook.
  • Can I buy a DVD of what I learned in class?  
    • Maybe not exactly what you learned in class, because every class is a little bit unique, but we do offer DVDs of Levels I&II being lead by either Rose or Chongkol. We don't currently offer separate Introduction or Table Thai or Herbal Thai DVDs. See the Store for what's available.  
  • I have a disability. Can you accommodate me?
    • Usually yes, and we'll sure try our best. We've successfully taught students with visual and hearing impairments, those with service animals, and even students wearing casts. Certain physical disabilities can be harder to accommodate because thai massage requires you to be able to comfortably move around a massage table or floor mat. See our statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion here. Contact us if you have concerns or questions. 
  • Can I bring lunch or a snack to class?  
    • Yes. It's important to stay hydrated and fueled, so we encourage you to do what you need to during class to be at your best. Some locations don't allow food in the massage area, but there will be a place you can take a food break.
  • What if I have to cancel my registration?
    • We understand; life happens. Cancel within 30 days of class for a full refund. If it's after the Early Bird Discount we retain your payment but it can be used toward another class or product. If it's the day before class, sorry, no refunds or transfers are given. Our full cancellation and refund details are provided before you finalize checkout on the Store.
  • I prefer to pay with cash or a check. Can I do that?  
    • Yes. Use our on-line Store to pay for classes or products with a credit card, but to use a check or money order, mail payment to: ITM-USA, PO Box 246, Marmora, NJ  08223, with your product or class information. Be sure to include a phone number and email address so we can reach you with any questions. To pay cash, contact us by facebook message or email (use the form below) to make arrangements. 
  • I'm concerned with online privacy. Do you share my information with anyone? 
    • Nope, never. And we use a two-step secure Store to reduce the risk of privacy invasion. You'll see this policy detailed when you checkout.
  • Do your classes count toward renewing my massage license?
    • Usually yes. Classes (including private one-on-one trainings) are approved for CEs by NCBTMB, which most states in the US recognize for massage license renewal continuing education credits. Outside of the US, it varies.


  • I'm coming from out of town. Where can I stay overnight? How can I find a classmate to share housing?  
    • If you're attending a class in Ocean City, NJ hosted by ITM, details on the Calendar page will give tips on overnight housing choices, and when you check out on the Store, there will be a form to fill out with housing or roommate options. If the class is not hosted by ITM, the Calendar page will link you to the hosting school and you can contact them for suggestions. 
  • How do I get to Ocean City?
    • For public transit, there is a train from Philadelphia to Atlantic City and then a local bus to OC. From NYC, there is an express bus from Port Authority to AC, then local bus or ride share to OC.  If you're flying, the closest small airport is Atlantic City; closest major airport is Philadelphia; Newark and Baltimore are a little farther. If you're driving, OC is just south of Atlantic City, NJ, about an hour east of Philadelphia via the AC Expressway and Garden State Parkway.                 MAP


  • Do you offer private sessions?  
    • No, ITM as a school does not. However, Rose does offer individual thai massage sessions, but only by personal referral- meaning you have to be friends with someone she already knows. If you're not that lucky and you're local to southern NJ, contact us (use the email form below) for a referral to another nearby therapist.
  • Can you refer me to a thai massage therapist near me?  
    • There is an ever-growing number of thai massage therapists that we can no longer keep track of, so your best resource is to ask locally, at spas or massage schools or from other therapists in your area. You can also search on-line, such as at THAI or AMTA (put 'thai massage' as the keyword for AMTA). 


  • How can I contact Rose? 
    • Send us an email at, or use the form at the bottom of this page. You can also facebook message Rose (please be patient, we aren't the most tech savvy people around!). Or send mail to: Institute of Thai Massage-USA, PO Box 246, Marmora, New Jersey, 08223.
  • I took a class and loved it. How can I send feedback?
    • We love feedback! Just fill out the form below to tell us what you think. Thank you!

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