Beginning Classes

These classes are for anyone new to thai massage: from massage therapists looking for CEs or a fun useful class that can improve their practice and reduce strain on their body, to yoga teachers wanting some tools to add to their classes, to anyone interested in healing stretches and bodywork to do with a friend. No massage experience necessary. Have fun while building deeper connections with fellow students, friends, clients, and yoga practitioners. This page includes classes that teach thai massage adapted for the table. Our classes are offered in many flexible formats; look for current details on our Calendar page.

Introduction To Thai Massage

A Taste of Thai Massage

Depending on the format you choose, you will learn movements that can easily be done on the massage table or the traditional floor mat in a one or two day class. Covers basic techniques, history and philosophy, benefits and cautions. You will learn a 30-60 minute routine addressing most major muscle groups of the body with the client lying prone, side-lying, seated, and/or supine, addressing the lower and upper body.

  • On the Table- in this format, we will focus on adaptations for a massage table. Can be done with the client draped or clothed.

  • On the Floor- in this format, we will stay on the traditional floor mat, using gravity and body leverage for minimal effort and maximum results. Client is clothed.

  • On the Floor or Table- in this format, the techniques are shown for both a massage table and floor mat; you choose which to use in class.

A Taste of Thai Massage for Two

No massage experience necessary. A fun class to learn some great stretches to do. Thai for Two is geared for couples (any two people can be a couple, such as friends, parent/child, spouses, yoga partners, etc)  with little or no yoga or massage experience. With Thai for Yoga classes, it is helpful to have at least a beginner's experience with yoga.  Moves are done on a cushioned floor mat or massage table. This class is also appropriate for massage therapists, and you earn 7 NCBTMB CEs. Covers safety, basic techniques, and great stretches with the partner lying on their stomach and back. Come join us!

A Taste of Thai Massage

With Herbal Compresses

Enjoy two days learning thai massage (on the floor or table) and adding the use of warm herbal compress packs. Start with the basics of thai stretching and compression, working the lower and upper body from supine and prone positions, learning to use your body with minimal effort for maximum results. Then explore the healing qualities of herbs used in traditional thai medicine. Smell, see, touch, and prepare fresh and dried herbs into a cloth poultice for steaming. Then apply the warm compress during your thai massage. The Herbal Compresses are also great as an add-on to Swedish massage, and to increase your knowledge of healing herbs to be used in your personal daily life. Class includes a comprehensive textbook and one pack you make in class to take home and use again. Additional packs and loose herbs available for purchase.

Table Thai massage

Table Thai combines thai massage compressions & stretches with swedish massage, on a massage table, with the client properly draped, working supine and prone. This class will show you how to integrate the passive stretches and deep compressions of thai massage with your existing table routine for a more powerful session your clients will love. Good if you are new to thai or already practicing or want to do thai massage without moving to the floor. You'll be shown a beautiful combination protocol of some swedish followed by some thai, then some swedish followed by some thai, as we progress around the body (note: only the thai massage portions are taught, we assume you know swedish massage already). Learn an hour routine prone & supine, with the client clothed, or unclothed and properly draped.